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Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery Procedure at Cosmecare Dentistry – Dental Clinic in Chembur

A sparkling smile is literally possible these days with the help of tooth jewellery and smile designing in dentistry which results in a beautiful smile thereby improving the overall personality and definitely the confidence level. 

Our smile is mainly formed by the upper ten teeth including the incisors, canines and the premolars and the rest of it is formed by the lower six teeth.

Smile designing is a procedure involving the alteration of not only the shade, shade, size and colour but also the shade and contouring of the gums also known as the gingiva.

Enameloplasty (Cosmetic Recontouring) – Prior to Tooth Jewellery

This type of procedure can only be done in cases with minor correction where slight rounding of edges can bring the desired result thereby improving the overall smile.


As discussed in my earlier post, Bleaching or tooth whitening is a good option for changing the tooth colour. 

It can be done with the dentist with the help of hydrogen peroxide gel and source of light like halogen, laser, LED or plasma arc or at home with respect to the instructions from the dentist.


As discussed in the earlier posts, a dental veneer is a thin layer of restorative material, which is placed over the tooth surface mainly to improve the esthetics. 

It consists of mainly composite veneers where the resinous material is bonded to the tooth surface or Ceramic veneers which are customized and cemented onto the tooth surface.


This procedure is mainly recommended for chipped or slightly misaligned or decayed teeth where a tooth colored restorative material, also known as composite, is bonded to the tooth surface.

It can be done within a single visit and gives quick results. However, composite has a tendency to pick up stains depending on the food habits and lifestyle of the patient. Hence it needs to be polished from time to time.

Orthodontic Correction (Before Tooth Jewellery Application)

As discussed in my earlier posts, these are used to correct crowded, overlapping or spacing in between the teeth with the help of braces. There are aesthetic options available such as lingual braces and Invisalign thereby increasing the self-confidence of the patient.

Tooth Jewellery

Achieving a sparkling smile is not impossible! Tooth Jewellery is the latest trend in Cosmetic Dentistry and is popular with people of all ages. 

It comes in the form of diamond studs, tooth rings or tattoos, studs being the most popular and in demand. 

Diamond studs come in various sizes and colours including sapphire gold or crystal or something in gold with a twinkle of a ruby in it. These studs are usually placed on the lateral incisor.

Advantages of getting the Tooth Jewellery done

  1. It is pain-free and a drill-free procedure with no harm or damage to the underlying tooth structure.
  2. It can be removed by the dentist if the patient no longer needs it.