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All you need to know about Veneers: Dental Veneers Treatment in Chembur

What are Dental Veneers Treatment?

We have discussed the various types of Dental Veneers treatment in Chembur with their benefits, procedure, and aftercare instructions; brought to you by Cosmecare Dentistry – team of Best Dentists in Chembur, Mumbai

Dental veneers are thin tooth-colored shells made of porcelain or composite attached to the tooth surface to make your smile more aesthetic. Porcelain and composite dental veneer treatments are most commonly done and require tooth preparation. There are no-prep veneers also that are attached through a different method.

Different types of Veneers: Dental Veneers in Chembur

There are mainly two types of dental veneers Chembur, namely-

Porcelain veneers 

It is a dental veneer treatment that requires two sittings at the dental clinic. The tooth preparation is done in the first sitting, and the impression is made. The porcelain veneer is then fabricated in the lab, which may take a couple of days.

The fabricated porcelain veneer is attached to the prepared tooth surface in the second sitting. Meanwhile, a temporary provision is given to you until you get your dental veneer treatment done.

Composite veneers

This is a single sitting procedure dental veneer where the veneer is fabricated by only molding the composite material at the chairside. There is no lab involvement in these types of dental veneer treatments.

Benefits of Dental Veneers Treatment: Dental Veneers Treatment in Chembur

Veneers are used for various kinds of aesthetic concerns like-

  • Broken tooth
  • Chipped off enamel
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Small teeth
  • Small gaps between the teeth
  • Minor misalignment in the teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Unusually shaped teeth

How is Dental Veneers Treatment different from crowns and Implants?

Dental veneers are different from dental crowns as the crowns cover the whole tooth, whereas the veneer only attaches to the front surface of the teeth. There is hardly any tooth preparation for veneers, whereas the tooth is prepared well on all the sides for crowns.

Dental Implants are an option to replace the missing teeth, which it is directly attached to the bone. The crown covers the top of the implant once it is stable in the jawbones.

The procedure of Dental Veneers Chembur

  • The first and foremost step is the correct diagnosis and treatment planning for veneers based on a thorough clinical examination and radiographic analysis.
  • Once it is decided which dental veneers are suitable in your case based on your needs and clinical condition, the next step is tooth preparation.
  • After the tooth preparation is done, then the lab fabrication will be done for the porcelain veneer, and you will be given temporary veneers for the time being
  • If the doctor plans for a composite veneer, then the shaping and polishing will be done chairside in a single sitting.

Aftercare of Dental Veneers:  Dental Veneers Treatment in Chembur

  • Never chew a pen, pencil, or hard objects from your teeth.
  • Do not bite anything from your front teeth
  • Do not use your teeth to open packages 
  • Use your back teeth to grind the hard consistency food items
  • Use a mouthguard when playing any contact sport