How To Treat Black Gums

How to treat black gums – Causes and Cure

Various factors determine the color of your gums, which can indicate some underlying medical conditions. Besides misaligned teeth, dark or black gums are also a common reason people are conscious of their looks. 

There can be various reasons for gums’ darkening.  

  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Dark fillings like an amalgam
  • Drug poisoning
  • Systemic conditions 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss How to treat black gums and the possible treatment options available at Cosmecare Dentistry Chembur.

Causes of dark gums


Melanin is the natural pigment responsible for skin color, hair, eyes, and gums. In some individuals, a genetically large melanin production leads to dark gums. It is not a matter of concern if there has been a generalized dark pigmentation of gums since starting. However, if dark patches on the gums have suddenly appeared recently, prompt professional help is needed.


Smoking is a major cause of gum pigmentation. Nicotine in the smoke leads to dark-colored gums and affects the gums’ healing capacity. 

Medical conditions

Rare medical conditions like Addison’s disease that affect the adrenal glands affect gum color.


Certain commonly used medicines, like minocycline, have also significantly contributed to gum hyperpigmentation. After starting these medicines, individuals with the sudden appearance of dark gums must immediately report to the doctor.

Trench mouth

A gum condition characterized by gum pain, fever, and bad breath, often accompanied by dark gums. It is a dental condition that needs immediate attention. 

Gum depigmentation Methods – How to treat black gums

Our experts at Cosmecare Dentistry Chembur will comprehensively examine your gums and formulate a customized treatment plan accordingly. The choice of procedure depends upon several factors, such as the current dental condition, the amount of depigmentation required, and the person’s general health. The most prevalent techniques are surgical and Laser gum bleaching. 

Surgical Gum Depigmentation

The scalpel blade method is the traditional method for removing the hyperpigmented layer of gums. It is done under local anesthesia and is entirely painless. This method requires extreme precision, but proficient gum experts can easily carry it out. The recovery period depends on the amount of depigmentation and the surgical site exposure during the process. 

Laser gum depigmentation

Several advantages of Lasers make them a preferred choice compared to surgical procedures. Dark gums have various causes, and it is essential to know the cause before proceeding with the gum-bleaching process. Laser gum depigmentation is the most preferred method in modern dentistry for faster results and speedy recovery. 

Dental Lasers are an essential addition to modern dentistry. They are a more precise and accurate way of gum bleaching. The laser vaporizes the stain by destroying the melanin pigment, and the healing process is much faster with laser bleaching.

Aftercare instructions – How to remove dark gums

  • As per our team’s instructions, avoid hot and spicy food for the next 24-48 hours.
  • Avoid touching or poking the surgical site with your fingers or tongue
  • Go gentle with your brushing, as good oral hygiene is required, but aggressive brushing will affect the healing
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of tobacco as it can cause recurrence of staining
  • Practice healthy eating habits and include vitamin C in your diet for faster gum healing
  • Follow all the instructions regarding the medicines 
  • Always attend the follow-up visits scheduled by our team at Cosmecare Dentistry Chembur
  • Report immediately to us if you notice any swelling or redness in your surgical site