What happens at a dental consultation

What happens at a dental consultation- Know the basics

A good dental consultation is the fundamental step of any dental procedure’s success. It is an essential appointment where we try to understand the root cause of your dental concerns and formulate a customised treatment plan accordingly. It is the first step of any dental treatment and involves a comprehensive dental examination of your dental status, both clinically and radiologically. If you are wondering what happens at a dental consultation, hold on; the information provided below will give you a brief idea – brought to you by Cosmecare Dentistry Chembur 

What happens at a dental consultation?

The first and foremost step of any dental treatment is consultation with our smile experts at Cosmecare Dentistry Chembur. It is an essential step where you can discuss your concerns and clear all your queries with our team. The aim of the consultation is to provide a clear-cut road map to you for your dental problem. 

Our team will examine your teeth and gums clinically and radiologically for a better understanding of the root cause of your problem. 

The key elements of discussion in a dental consultation are:

Medical history

A person’s general health plays a vital role in planning the treatment plan. You must frankly discuss your medical conditions and all the medicines you are currently taking in this step. The knowledge of your medical conditions helps us plan your treatment well by taking all the necessary precautions. 

Clinical examination

The teeth and gums are clinically examined to find the root cause of your dental problem. The clinical examination gives us a fair idea of your current dental condition that helps us formulate a clinical diagnosis.

Radiographic analysis

The radiographic analysis of your teeth is an adjunctive process. It is done when the clinical examinations fail to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. Based on the radiographic analysis, the teeth and the surrounding bones can be studied to identify the cause of your problem. It is also important to understand the severity of damage done by the infection to plan your treatment. 

What is examined in a dental consultation?


We will clinically examine your teeth for any signs of decay. We will also take X-rays to identify any hidden caries that exist between the teeth or under the gum line. The existing restorations will also be checked for their current status to see if they need replacement. We will also identify the number of missing teeth and what options you can use to replace them. 


Apart from the teeth, evaluating the gum’s health is important. Any early signs of gum problems should initiate prompt action to avoid future complications. Initial gum diseases are limited to the soft tissue, and advanced gum problems affect the bones and the surrounding tissues. We take necessary tests to clinically identify the level of gum disease to plan your treatment accordingly. 

Temporomandibular joint

Another major component that is examined in your dental consultation is the TMJ. The temporomandibular joint is the joint connecting your skull with the lower jaw. Any abnormal pain or clicking sound is examined to identify the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the TMJ problem is the root cause of your pain and not the teeth or gums.