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image showing a female with tooth ache and using a cold pack to east pain - dental pain treatment in chembur

7 Effective Home Remedies to manage Dental pain

Dental pain occurs mainly due to the direct involvement of the nerves of the teeth. The most common causes of nerve involvement leading to toothache are tooth decay, infection around the teeth, dental injuries like a cracked tooth, and severe loss of tooth structure due to attrition. Dental Pain Treatment in Chembur is the most frequent patient we see at Cosmecare Dentistry - Dental Clinic in Chembur.

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image showing dental veneers application - dental veneers treatment in chembur

All you need to know about Veneers: Dental Veneers Treatment in Chembur

Dental veneers are thin tooth-colored shells made of porcelain or composite attached to the tooth surface to make your smile more aesthetic. Porcelain and composite dental veneer treatments are most commonly done and require tooth preparation. There are no-prep veneers also that are attached through a different method.

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how to wear clear aligners - image showing a graphic of clear aligners

How to Wear Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have gained mass popularity because of their superior aesthetics compared to traditional orthodontic treatment modalities. Many people using aligners are first-timers, and it is thus very natural to face some difficulties during the initial stages of the treatment.

Since you have decided to go for aligner therapy to straighten your teeth, the first question that arises in your mind will be about the time duration. Aligners are removable, unlike braces, so the onus lies with the user to wear them properly for maximum hours to get effective results.

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