Role of Dental Hygiene and Checkup

Role of Dental Hygiene and Checkup

What is included in the Dental Checkup?

Our experts at Cosmecare Dentistry Dental Clinic Chembur begin with patient history, in which they will discuss both medical and dental history. You can discuss all your queries and clear your doubts regarding the treatment outcome. It also helps in building a rapport and eliminating the treatment fear. A dental check-up involves the examination of both intraoral and extraoral sites of the mouth. It is essential to do screening for oral cancers and issues related to teeth, gums, and TMJ-related problems.

Why do you need Dental Hygiene and Checkup?

Dental check-up allows our experts to detect early tooth decay and gum disease signs. Early detection helps in timely treatment planning for a better prognosis. Dental hygiene education helps you better understand how to maintain good oral health. Our team emphasizes educating the patients about the importance of dental hygiene and maintaining proper oral hygiene. There are many common conditions that our experts check, and some of them are mentioned below.

Common conditions – Dental Hygiene and Checkup

Tooth decay

Tooth cavity or tooth decay is the most common condition that causes tooth damage. It begins as a dark spot and slowly spreads to the tooth’s inner layers. Regular checkups make it easier for our doctors to detect the early signs of caries. Early detection and timely action can prevent further complications. As a part of the preventive dentistry regime, we also use fluoride applications for young children and people prone to caries. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the enamel and prevents the risk of caries.

Gum problems

Gums are the soft tissues around the teeth, and any problems with the gums indirectly affect the tooth’s health. Initial gum diseases manifest as bleeding gums; it is vital to detect them early. Regular dental checkups help detect the early signs and prevent the spread to advanced stages. The advanced stage gum disease affects the supporting tissues, leading to tooth mobility.

Cancer screening

The cancer screening involves the examination of lips, hard palate, gums, cheeks, and TMJ region. During the extraoral examination, it is also vital to rule out any lymph nodes in the head and neck region.

Overall dental status 

The overall dental health status is measured during the periodic dental checkups. If there is any need for changes in the brushing technique or any other extra measures needed, it can be discussed during these visits.

Benefits of Dental Hygiene and Checkup

Prevents further disease

The early detection of tooth decay and gum problems help in preventing the spread of dental problem. Also, preventive dentistry in the form of preventive orthodontics helps eliminate the risk of developing malocclusion.

Proper dental hygiene knowledge

Regular brushing is essential to maintain good oral hygiene; however, the proper technique is more crucial than the frequency. During these visits, our team will demonstrate proper dental hygiene techniques.

Prevents bad breath

Halitosis or bad breath is the most common sign of improper dental hygiene. Regular visits to our center, Cosmecare Dentistry Dental Clinic Chembur, can help you understand the basics of oral hygiene and prevent bad breath.