Root Canal Treatment Cost in Chembur

The budget you need for RCT – Root Canal Treatment Cost in Chembur

What is a Root Canal Treatment? –  Root Canal Treatment Cost in Chembur

When the tooth gets infected and the decay reaches the pulp, it causes immense pain. Root canal treatment, popularly known as RCT, cleans the infected pulp and relieves the toothache. If not treated timely, the infection may spread from the tooth to the surrounding areas, which may eventually lead to tooth loss. 

Root canal treatment is a process done to relieve the tooth from pain. The root canal treatment cost varies as per the tooth, the severity of the case, and the type of RCT done.

In the information below, we will briefly discuss root canal treatment- brought to you by Cosmecare Dentistry.

Common causes of damage to the pulp

  • Cracked tooth
  • Chipped off teeth
  • Dental trauma 
  • Deep tooth cavity
  • Multiple procedures performed on the same tooth
  • Faulty dental prosthesis

Signs and symptoms for RCT 

  • Intense tooth pain
  • Swelling in the gums or soft tissue around the tooth
  • Tenderness in the surrounding area
  • Visible pus discharge from the infected tooth
  • Color changes in the tooth following dental trauma
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold items that is not relieved by any other measures

The Procedure of Root Canal Treatment   

At Cosmecare Dentistry, we have a team of RCT experts who will customize your treatment plan after performing a comprehensive clinical and radiological examination of your tooth before customizing the treatment plan.

Steps for RCT 

  • The first step is anesthetizing the tooth, ensuring the tooth is numb completely.
  • In the next step, the decay is removed from the tooth
  • After removing the decay, the infected pulp is removed
  • The space is cleaned using various medicaments  
  • After thoroughly cleaning, the space is again filled with a dental sealer to prevent reinfection.
  • After that, the tooth is filled with a temporary restoration 
  • The final restoration and the dental prosthesis are planned after the tooth remains asymptomatic for sometime
  • Regular follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor the healing and keep track of the progress.

Care guidelines for RCT

  • It is advised not to chew from the side where RCT is performed.
  • Avoid drinking hot or cold food items during the recovery phase.
  • Use warm saline rinses to clean the area frequently for one week
  • Avoid eating hard food items till you get a crown over the teeth
  • Take medicines as prescribed by the doctor
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol for a couple of days
  • Get your tooth capped with a dental crown as soon as possible

Is crown necessary after RCT?

A dental cap or crown is a prosthesis usually indicated after root canal treatment. The dental cap is necessary to support the tooth and prevent it from fracturing while eating. A crown acts as a protective shield that protects the tooth from extra stress and pressure.

How long does RCT last?

In most cases, a root canal treatment lasts a lifetime, and the best way to increase the life of RCT is by getting a dental crown as soon as possible. Maintaining adequate dental hygiene is vital to prevent food debris and plaque accumulation around the tooth, reducing the risk of reinfection.